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In late 1999 while spending the holidays with friends and families, and a new millennium on the horizon, two visionary business men and long time friends conceived the idea for a company.


Both men had extensive experience in the automotive industry being responsible for multi-million dollar inventories.  They were aware that managing inventory was the most costly and time consuming part of running a dealership.  Perrian Chandler and Keith Trumm were aware of how important and valuable inventory management services would be for every dealership, large and small.  This forward-thinking idea gave birth to an inventory management company that would streamline the ability for dealers to obtain hard to get inventory, and to move aged inventory, in a more timely fashion.  By reducing expenses, increased dealer profits are soon easily realized.  On January 3, 2000, Automotive Transfers, Inc. was born.

This small seed planted by two friends, has grown into a corporation with greater than $100 Million in annual business volume.  Our company serves the 48 contiguous states, with over 100 years of combined experience dedicated to providing the very best possible service to our customers.

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