Automotive Transfers, Inc. "The Nation's Largest Locator"

"We have enjoyed our experience working with Andrew Belcher. He has always shown himself very dependable and honest. He is quick to respond to our requests, which makes him great to work with. We have complete confidence in him and he is always our only phone call when we need vehicles."
- Tommy Nelson, GSM, New Car Manager, Bob Hembree Motor Company in Guntersville, AL

“My dealers have benefited from Mr. Smith’s business abilities and the service of Automotive Transfers.  I would recommend Mr. Smith and his company based on my years of experience with them.
- John Pangbom, Dealer Trader, Taylor Ford in Taylor, MI

"Over the past 18 months, our group of 16 dealerships has used the services of Automotive Transfers to both buy and sell vehicles. Their services allow us greater flexibility to rebalance our inventories quickly and effectively as we need to. The transportation companies deliver and pick up vehicles promptly and without any problems. We are able to deal with one individual to both buy and sell. Mike Warren, our rep, understands our needs and our operations, which means he is able to anticipate situations and contact us with potential transactions- both buying and selling. He also provides us with insight as to what is going on in the retail market place in other parts of the country. With everything that has impacted the retail auto industry during the last year and a half, using the services of Automotive Transfers has helped us adjust faster to changes in the market place. Reacting faster helps our business be more profitable."
- William Lambardo, Staff Executive, Stanley Automotive Enterprises in Dallas, TX

"After doing business with Automotive Transfers the past couple years, I strongly recommend any dealership partnering with them. The whole staff has been completely responsible, extremely caring, and attentive to all my inventory needs. It is great to be able to speak with one single representative anytime we need inventory, to have built a relationship with that representative, and trust him to understand our business needs. Boyer Ford has been a top commercial truck dealer for many years. Our inventory needs are unique and Tim, our rep, understands this. He doesn't waste time calling for vehicles we never have. In the same manner, he will call us about a vehicle he knows we can use. This attention to detail is one simple, yet effective reason that our business relationship with Automotive Transfers continues to grow every day. Other inventory transfer companies hound us to buy or sell inventory without a care as to what we really need or want from their service. To make matters worse, one of those reps will call with a request one day, and another rep from the same company will call less than a week later looking for the exact same thing. It always amazes me how these other places can stay in business without paying any attention to our needs or type of business we are actually in. The commercial truck business is far different than your standard retail store and Automotive Transfers embraced this right way. After our initial conversations, we have never had to explain this again. It's comforting to know Tim and the staff truly listen to us and care about what we really need from an inventory transfer company. They are extremely flexible, conscious of market trends, and they never fail to stay in contact with us. These are more reasons our relationship continues to be mutually appreciated. I would recommend Automotive Transfers over the competition to anyone needing an inventory transfer company to truly depend on."
- Josh Tenney, Boyer Trucks in Minneapolis, MN

"As one of the largest volume Ford dealers in the Minnesota and the oldest in the United States, we know the value of managing inventory properly; however, this can be quite a task in this fast moving market where we do business. Having an ace-in-the- hole like Automotive Transfers can really make the difference when managing inventory and reacting to trends,(instead of just wishing we had.) Tim and the whole crew are great to work with and I would recommend them to any dealership wanting the upper hand in their market place."
- John Lundgren, Tenvoorde Ford, Saint Cloud, MN

"We have had the pleasure of doing business with Automotive Transfers for a long period of time now, and we have never had a problem with the company. They are very responsible, diligent, and always provide great service to our dealership. I would strongly recommend them."
- Aldon Phillips, Hacienda Ford in Edinburg, TX

"I have been working with Mike Warren at Automotive Transfers for a very long time. He has helped me to become the number one new Ford dealer in San Antonio. I would highly recommend him and his company."
- Mark Dickey, Inventory Manager, Mac Haik's Southway Ford in San Antonio, TX

"In the 15 years that I have been managing our inventory, I have dealt with at least 15 vehicle locator services. I can honestly say that the only one that I actively search out when I need to acquire or divest of inventory is Automotive Transfers. They have proven to have the most comprehensive network of contacts nationwide. They are straightforward and honest, and they will work with a dealer to make a transaction happen. I can always count on at least a weekly call with new offerings or to ask what my needs are. They always arrange transportation with some of the most reliable carriers in the country, ensuring expedient delivery. Thanks to Automotive Transfers and our personal representative, Mike Warren."
- Dick Woodworth, Inventory Manager, Joe Myers Ford Lincoln Mercury in Houston, TX

"Chris from Automotive Transfers has always been helpful in finding the vehicles we need when we need them. I am always able to reach him whether it is during his work hours or even after if I have a question. He always has his client's best interest in mind and will work to make the transaction go as efficiently as possible. We are the #1 F-Series Dealer in the United States, so as you might expect, I am inundated with phone calls, faxes, and emails from all sorts of vehicle locating services, but I always turn to Chris and Automotive Transfers to find the vehicles that I need."
- Ben Huenink, Inventory Manager, Woodhouse Ford in Blair, NE

"There are a multitude of things I can say about Automotive Transfers, and all of them are good. They have a level of professionalism that should be the required standard for all inventory services. My rep, Phillip Herrero is truly in a league of his own. He is credible and confident without being arrogant, and that is what grabbed my attention over two years ago. He's not a "slick-talking promise-maker" like most of the other inventory service guys who call at least 5 times a day. Any guy can solve a few inventory issues now and again, but how many would take the time to build such a strong relationship as to know my buying habits and the types of units I like to stock, plus keep an eye on my inventory and suggest moving problem units even before I realize that they are a problem? To put this level of commitment into perspective, in addition to work phone and email, Phillip has my cell number, home number, and two personal emails. That's the level of trust I have. He completely understands what I expect from him and Automotive Transfers. They have yet to disappoint and I am sure they never will. In the past 2 years, close to 400 vehicles have been bought and sold through Automotive Transfers without issue. Whether it's moving a Tahoe Hybrid DEMO, finding me 40 Cobalts and Aveos during Cash for Clunkers, or even a truckload of 2010 Equinox when my old DSM couldn't get me any, I know help is only a phone call away. What's great about automotive transfers as a company is that no matter who answers the phone, if Phillip is on another call, they treat me like a human being and most of them know me well enough to talk a while. That's something that you don't find every day, especially in the car business. I have and will continue to recommend Automotive Transfers and Phillip Herrero every chance I get."
- Rob Henderson, Arnell Chevrolet in Burns Harbor, IN

"We have used several locator services to keep our inventory as balanced as possible. Without question Automotive Transfers is the most professional of all the companies. My rep, Valerie Lee, does not call so often that it's a problem, and she understands when I don't have time to chat. When I need assistance she is always prepared. I find the fees and overall transfers to go well. They are always my first choice."
- Mike Cooper, Grayson Ford/Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge in Grayson, KY

"I have used Automotive Transfers to maintain my inventory at a non-aged level of less than 6 months in stock. Valerie Lee has consistently emailed or called to check with me. I should note that she is always professional and asks if the time is good for me, or if I would prefer to be called later. I would definitely recommend Automotive Transfers for inventory control assistance."
- Randy Miller, Newcastle Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep in Newcastle, ME

"Our dealership has been working with Automotive Transfers for several years. This is certainly the go-to company for moving excess inventory and locating vehicles in high demand. The people there are friendly, professional, patient and always willing to help our dealership with anything we need. Every experience we have had with Automotive Transfers has been positive and we always look forward to working with them."
- Rob Pharris, Tri-Star Motors in Hardwick, VT

"I have been working with Automotive Transfers for the last 5 years. No issues. They have a professional staff that is always there when I call."
- Tim Walters, Walters Elkland Chevrolet in Elkland, PA