Automotive Transfers, Inc. "The Nation's Largest Locator"
Employment Opportunities

Automotive Transfers is a dynamic and unique company that relies heavily on the success of our Sales Associates. We aim to hire employees who can think on their feet, adjust to a rapidly changing sales environment, and take advantage of market shifts that benefit our clients.


On a day-to day basis, Associates maintain consistent, one-on-one telephone and email contact with automotive dealerships in an assigned territory. Because of the long standing relationships we expect our Associates to build, we allow them the discretion to help clients as they see fit. The position requires some unavoidable paperwork, however, an Associate can work at his or her own pace and complete tasks using methods that work for them. 


If your personality profile says that you:

  • Exude confidence
  • Can manage uncertainty and stress
  • Are highly conscientious
  • Are extraverted
  • Have personal discipline
  • Have emotional stability
  • Prefer commission based pay to a set salary

Then send your resume for consideration to Automotive Transfers, Inc. HR Department